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Old Soul Avenue

Mod vintage artisan brass hairpin

Mod vintage artisan brass hairpin

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A little retro flair for your hair! Handforged from a vintage impression in solid Nu-gold/ jewelers brass and meticulously filed and finished for effortless styling.

*Hairstylist designed and crafted (by me)
*Hand forged and meticulously finished
*Sharp, smooth ends for easy styling
*Solid Jewelers Brass/ Nu gold
*Just shy of 5" total length

**What is NU Gold?
Nu-gold jewelry resembles real gold jewelry but costs a fraction of the price. It’s a brass alloy that contains 85 percent copper and 15 percent zinc. It is the perfect type of jewelry metal for those allergic to nickel, as it contains no traces of this element. Nu-gold, or Jewelers Brass, has a unique mellow cast similar to that of real gold and tarnishes considerably slower than copper.

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